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Travel Nursing Hospital Review of: Trusted Health
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable2.8
2. Friendly3
3. Efficient2.8
4. Honest2.6
5. Pay rate4.2
6. Paycheck accuracy3.4
7. Housing2.6
8. Benefits3.2
9. Supportive2.6
10. Assignment selection available3
11. Individualized3
12. Insurance plan3.4
13. Reliable2.6
14. Accessible2.6
15. Reputable2.6
16. Accommodating2.6
17. Professional2.6
18. Paycheck arrival time3.6
19. Chances you will recommend this agency2.6
20. Chances you will work with them again2.6
Total Score (number or rankings)58.4(5)(0)
  • This company is quite shady. Can’t wait to be done with them. They do offer pay rates that are higher, they provide very little in terms of supporting their staff when problems arise. 01/21/2023
  • Incredible lack of knowledge or support. Quoted trusted health care policy that was not in the employee handbook, when asked for them to send me the policy, they replied,"well it is an internal policy, so I can't send it to you." So you are not paying me for a shift that I worked due to an internal policy that I can not see. Illegal 03/16/2022
  • They expected me to travel without my onboarding completed. I had to remind them several times that I need this paperwork to be completed before I left. The day before I needed to leave they just laughed via text like it was no big deal with “lol you are so efficient”. Must of went home to enjoy their weekend. Two weeks later I get the onboarding which means I would of never been paid on time. Anyway, they ended up blocking my profile from their website. 02/06/2020
  • Trusted Health is the second agency I have worked with and hopefully my last. While they are still a newer company and they don't have access to as many of the contracts as some of the large agencies do, their pay is consistently higher than other agencies. Even sometimes $400-500 more per week than the other agencies. They still take care of all of the onboarding for you. My Nurse Advocate is available by phone, text or email anytime. The best part about Trusted is how it's geared for the traveler to be independent. You look through your matches and can customize them to your preferred start date, specialty, shift, and location. And I love how pay is so transparent. It's all right there in your dashboard. Hourly rate, stipends and even the extra time bonus and overtime rate. The only negative I've found so far are the benefits. I think they're still pretty on par as far as travel nurse benefits go, but not as good as good as my recent staff positions 11/25/2019
  • I enjoyed working with Trusted Health so much that I ended up applying to work for them! Their mission is clear, incredibly valuable to all travel nurses, and much needed in our industry! 10/17/2019
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