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Travel Nursing Hospital Review of: NEXT TRAVEL NURSING
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable4.85.0
2. Friendly4.95.0
3. Efficient4.95.0
4. Honest4.85.0
5. Pay rate4.65.0
6. Paycheck accuracy4.95.0
7. Housing4.65.0
8. Benefits4.85.0
9. Supportive4.95.0
10. Assignment selection available4.75.0
11. Individualized4.85.0
12. Insurance plan4.85.0
13. Reliable4.95.0
14. Accessible4.95.0
15. Reputable4.95.0
16. Accommodating4.95.0
17. Professional4.95.0
18. Paycheck arrival time4.95.0
19. Chances you will recommend this agency4.85.0
20. Chances you will work with them again4.85.0
Total Score (number or rankings)96.5(24)100.0(1)
  • 5/5 on all criteria. 06/10/2022
  • NEXT has been a great agency to work with , I have referred many RN colleagues. My recruiter Hannah is terrific. Professional, knowledgeable, supportive who is always so friendly and kind! 03/01/2022
  • Next Travel Nursing has been wonderful to work with. Helpful and efficient staff, they make the process easy and help you every step of the way. I would highly recommend working with them. 08/20/2021
  • right on the spot with helping nurses and making things easy 06/04/2021
  • Amazing company. Always there for their travelers and what’s best for them. 01/21/2021
  • Nick Hoffman is my recruiter. He is the best of the best. He is personable, will always have your back and cares as a human, not just a recruiter. Next is phenomenal at recognition of nurses, supporting nurses and fixing issues in a timely fashion so that it’s seamless for the nurse to execute their job. I love Next! 12/04/2020
  • I decided to take the jump of travel nursing with the help of Marlyn Miller, who has been my recruiter up until this current assignment (she got promoted) and I’ve never felt so supported. I had a rough time my first assignment and Marlyn would talk to me on the phone after every shift if I needed, had a nurse specialist to talk me down when I needed it and was just great all around. The company has been extremely supportive and I havent had one issue or complaint. Debbie Laatz is my recruiter now and she’s been great this assignment, responsive and has made sure I was taken care of. I love this company. 12/04/2020
  • Next Medical staffing has excellent recruiters. The agency as a whole has excellent communication.They also have excellent insurance plans. 12/04/2020
  • Nick Hoffman goes above and beyond to help in any way needed. Would highly recommend this agency . 12/02/2020
  • Nicholas Hoffman is my recruiter with Next Travel Nursing. He is beyond amazing. I can’t explain in words what he does for me and my career. Traveling can be scary with all the unknowns of the world, he eases every one of them. He always responds to every question or concerns. He’s always accessible and takes the time for me. He goes above and beyond with every contract. Every detail and every situation that arises. He is why I am with this company and why I will stay with this company. 12/02/2020
  • Next has been a great company to work with and my recruiter, Nick Hoffman, has been the most understanding and easy going person!! He really cares about his nurses!!! 12/02/2020
  • NA 08/19/2020
  • Excellent staff 01/17/2020
  • Overall satisfied 12/28/2019
  • As my first assignment I found the initial process rather easy to complete, however I had many issues once on site. My recruiter tried to help as best she could, the Manager was terrible and she is the reason I will not be using this company going forward. Also there was very little to no assistance with housing. I was given sites to go to that I was already using. A recruiter from another agency gave me discount codes. 12/27/2019
  • Wonderful agency, my recruiter is very straightforward and has been the best that I have worked with compared to other agencies. 11/22/2019
  • Nicholas Hoffman is great, always available to speak with when needed, courteous and knowledgeable, great to work with. 10/31/2019
  • At NEXT, I have been working with the agent Nicholas Hoffman. He has been wonderful at easing me into the travel nursing world and providing encouragement along the way. I have felt very supported and Nick has always been merely a text or phone call away, I have never had any issue getting a hold of him. He has been flexible and accommodating to my needs and I trust that he is being honest with me when approaching me with a prospective assessment. I highly recommend working with him :) 10/27/2019
  • NEXT made the process easy, quick and streamlined. They were friendly, courteous and organized. Thank you for securing me all the contacts of my dreams and helping me provide financial stability for my family. 10/17/2019
  • My recruiter Nick Hoffman has been exceptional from day one! He and his team are so friendly and take care of whatever my needs are, I have traveled with a few companies, by far Next Travel is the best! Thanks so much ✌️ 10/10/2019
  • Next medical made finding my first travel assignment very easy and was always a text, call or email away for me if I had any questions! Having trust in this company, Nick and Cindi came easy. 10/09/2019
  • This group is perfection. I honestly can’t say one bad thing about them. Every group was efficient, professional and knew their job well. They frequently checked in to see how things were going. These people made me feel like I was part of their family. Just a phenomenal group to be a part of and to represent. Live them 10/09/2019
  • I really like like working with Nick Hoffman at Next. He’s friendly, professional, and has helped me out with any questions or concerns that I’ve had. 10/09/2019
  • Michael is by far the best recruiter. He checks on me weekly, and is extremely professional. He also shows that he cares about the nurses that work under him and is well organized. He has made my transition from a staff nurse to a floor easy!!! Staff like him creates a company Next travel Nursing is blessed to have him. I am extremely happy with NTN.. is by far the best recruiter. He checks on me weekly, and is extremely professional. He also shows that he cares about the nurses that work under him and is well organized. He has made my transition from a staff nurse to a floor easy!!! Staff like him creates a company Next travel Nursing is blessed to have him. I am extremely happy with NTN.. This is a transparent company working for the nurse!!! 10/09/2019
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