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Travel Nursing Hospital Review of: TNAA
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable4.84.8
2. Friendly4.94.9
3. Efficient4.74.7
4. Honest4.84.8
5. Pay rate4.44.4
6. Paycheck accuracy4.84.8
7. Housing4.54.5
8. Benefits4.54.5
9. Supportive4.94.9
10. Assignment selection available4.54.5
11. Individualized4.74.7
12. Insurance plan4.34.3
13. Reliable4.84.8
14. Accessible4.84.8
15. Reputable4.84.8
16. Accommodating4.84.8
17. Professional4.84.8
18. Paycheck arrival time4.94.9
19. Chances you will recommend this agency4.94.9
20. Chances you will work with them again4.94.9
Total Score (number or rankings)94.5(97)94.5(97)
  • Russ, was my recruiter. I was very impressed by his initiative to reach out to me, though I had not fully decided to travel. From start to finish the process was straight forward and easy to follow. Russ and the rest of the staff were available and helpful! I would definitely work TNAA again!! 05/29/2020
  • I really like TNAA so far, my recruiter has been straightforward and forthcoming with info. I definitely advocates for me and I really appreciate all he has done. 05/28/2020
  • Easy to work with. Efficient. 05/27/2020
  • My recruiter has gone above and beyond for me EVERY TIME! Even during this pandemic he has kept me informed and confident that everything will work out. It is nice to not have to stress about the things I know he will handle for me! 05/27/2020
  • Their rates are occasionally lower, but the ease of use and excellent service make up for it. 05/26/2020
  • Transparent and fair agency. 05/26/2020
  • TNAA has been nothing but great to me throughout my assignment. Every member of the team is responsive, helpful, and even made a point of checking in with me intermittently during my assignment just to see how I was doing. 10 out of 10;would work with again! 05/26/2020
  • Ron York is the best recruiter I have ever worked with !!! I will always give him the first chance when looking for a new contract ... 05/22/2020
  • My recruiter is the best!! 05/18/2020
  • Ron York is a good recruiter. Very professional and easy to work with. 05/14/2020
  • April Coltran my recruiter is great. During this COVID time when operating rooms ceased to do elective surgeries she sent my profile in to everyone I approved. Even though I wasn't working she would call just to keep me updated on progress. Everyone at this agency has been very helpful and supporive in all that I do. 05/14/2020
  • Ron is new to me, i am working a crisis job for covid that was exclusive for TNAA. I was lucky to find such a good recruiter when I did. I was able to start right away after my last contract was canceled. He has been stupendous. You can't go wrong with choosing him. 05/14/2020
  • Ron York is an excellent recruiter. He kept me in the loop and informed about important information. He knowledgeable and efficient. 05/13/2020
  • Ron, is an amazing recruiter. I just had my contract canceled and he was able to get me one of the last crisis jobs in NYC. I was able to get a crisis rate and lock it in for 13weeks. I did not lose a weeks pay, he helped me seamlessly. Anyone working with Ron York is a lucky person. I have been with him for 6 years. 05/13/2020
  • Travel Nurse Across America is hands down, the best travel nursing agency. They work with great hospitals and treat their travelers with respect and are honest with their pay packages. I have been with them for over 5 years and have had a flawless experience. Really love working for this company! 05/13/2020
  • I am on the first contract with TNAA and have have no issues. Good benefits and comparable pay with the last company I was with. 05/12/2020
  • I finally took the leap and started Travel nursing with TNAA. I was linked to Chelsea Drum who has been EXCEPTIONAL to work with. Chelsea explained the travel nurse field as well as TNAA. Chelsea was very patient with me as I decided on my first assignment and making sure I had all the information I needed to make a decision that was best for me. Once my first assignment was chosen/signed, she put me in contact with the housing/payroll and those ladies were awesome as well. Chelsea took time to look at housing and give me feedback. Everything was just as she said it would be at the hospital. I would highly recommend Chelsea for all your travel nurse needs. Chelsea you set the bar high and have been AWESOME to work with! Looking forward to many more assignments with you. Nurse Zo! 05/06/2020
  • Olivia at TNAA has been amazing from the beginning! She always answers my questions and fights hard for me to get the best contracts out there! 05/05/2020
  • I like my recruiter.She finds the answers to my questions or the person that can answer the question. The housing assistant I helps find a place to stay. I have always felt comfortable and safe. 05/04/2020
  • I want to give a shout out to TNAA as they are so extremely kind and easy to work with. They are always available to answer questions, even the silliest of questions coming from a new travel nurse like me. I also would love to give out a special shout out to my recruiter, Olivia Carper, she has made this stressful time traveling, not only as a new traveler but also during a pandemic, seamless. Her laid back demeanor and knowledge base allows for an easy transition and I appreciate her so much so. I highly recommend this company and Olivia Carper for great service and support. 05/03/2020
  • I had a few ups and downs during the covid-19 crisis assignments, but my recruiter, Chelsea Drumm, was always supportive and positive. Chelsea always responded to my calls or text with any questions. Knowing that this person was easily available for questions or concerns really eased some of my anxiety as a first time traveler. Even though my first assignment was cancelled, Chelsea never stopped looking to find jobs. Unfortunately, the need for travel nurses, at that time, was not very great and many contracts were being cancelled. Again, she was always positive and kept me up to date. Courtney Calton was my quality/on-boarding person and she made getting documents, or appointments needed, easy. Courtney was available for any questions and would quickly respond to those questions. Jessie Scott took care of my housing. She made the housing extremely easy. Jessie asked about my needs for housing and then sent me a list of about 8 places that were all within 15 minutes of the hospital. Once I picked, it was booked the next day. Overall, I felt that TNAA was organized, supportive, easy to work with, and I felt they truly care about their nurses. I would most definitely work with them again and I would recommend them to anyone looking to start their travel nursing career. 05/01/2020
  • As a first time travel nurse I have been so happy with this company. My recruiter Olivia has been excellent with every aspect of her job. She also always checks in on me and is always available. I will defiantly continue to travel with this company and would highly recommend to other new travelers! 05/01/2020
  • TNAA has been the BEST company to work for! Olivia Carper has been not only an outstanding recruiter but a friend. I am taken care of with TNAA. Everyone I have worked with has been positive and helpful! You won’t have to worry if they will have you back-because they do!! It’s been a great few years and would recommend TNAA to any travel nurse! They are the best! 05/01/2020
  • The most important person with a travel agency are the recruiters, in my opinion. They are the direct contact with that company. Olivia Carper is mine with TNAA and responses in a timely manner. If she is off or unavailable, I’m always given a name of a contact person. 04/30/2020
  • . 04/30/2020
  • The staff at TNAA has been very responsive and supportive. I reached out to multiple companies trying to get started with travel nursing jobs and never heard back from most of them. My recruiter at TNAA was one the phone with me seconds after I submitted my info. She has been incredibly responsive and has been in constant contact from day one. Everyone else has been quick to get in touch with me and quick to respond to my questions. 04/30/2020
  • I love my recruiter Russ Waehler - I can always talk to him. I feel like he really has my back and fights for me to get the best package I can. 04/29/2020
  • Great company, I love my recruiter, she’s very personable and works hard to get you the assignment you want fast! 04/29/2020
  • I am new to travel nursing and TNAA is the first company I signed up with, although I have signed up with several others, TNAA is by far the best. My recruiter Briana Pacheco is honestly what makes the company so amazing. She is always available, assists in walking me through every step of the process, and has worked tirelessly to meet my needs in pay, location, and time! No other company I have signed up with has been able to meet my requirements, or offer a job within my requests. I highly recommend TNAA! 03/15/2020
  • Angela Housey-Spruill at TNAA makes working with this agency worth it. If you’re thinking about traveling or switching agencies, she makes everything so easy. She will argue with the hospital HR on your behalf if you encounter ANY problem. She will call you just to check up, even if you’re on assignment with another agency, or working a permanent position. She works fast and diligently to get you an assignment that fits your needs. I have enjoyed working with her, and look forward to continuing to do so. When I say “Angela,” my family knows who I’m talking about! 02/09/2020
  • I honestly almost didn’t review TNAA because I selfishly wanted to keep it the best kept secret of travel nursing (in my opinion!) I love this company. Their employees are kind and honest and loyal. They dedicate themselves to finding new ways to support, and invest in, their nurses/techs and stay relevant and competitive in a market that is saturated with short-term retention and short-term goals. 01/07/2020
  • I have been with TNAA for the entirety of my travel nursing career which will be approaching 3 years in March. Aside from the great facilities and locations, I have to give credit to my great recruiter Kathleen Feeney for always being attentive to my needs and getting me the best contracts possible. She is always checking up on me and is a great person to work with. I hope to continue to work with TNAA, it has been a life-changing experience. 01/07/2020
  • I have the absolute best recruiter, Nick Garcia. He has made my travel experience a breeze and taken a lot of stress out of the process. It really puts me at ease that he has traveled with his family and understands what being a traveler means. In addition, TNAA is fabulous. Every interaction I have had with them has been great. I am more than a number and have been treated like family. I highly recommend TNAA and my recruiter! 12/27/2019
  • TNAA treats their nurses like family! You are more than just another traveler with this company, and it really makes a difference. They have wonderful benefits and excellent customer service! I love traveling with them 😊 12/27/2019
  • I beyond love my company. I was extremely scared to start traveling and companies were calling nonstop. I also love my recruiter Nick Garcia. His wife is a travel nurse so he understands the ins and outs of the travel world 12/27/2019
  • TNAA is a great agency to work with! 12/19/2019
  • I think base pay should be higher. 12/12/2019
  • TNAA has been an overall great experience and I will continue working with them in the future. 12/11/2019
  • Ron York-Awesome recruiter! 12/10/2019
  • I have to share my experience with TNAA. I do not understand how they are considered number one nurse travel agency. To me they are the worst. My first mistake was signing TNAA contract with a hospital, they put a clause in the contract that says if you don't finish the contract. I have signed contracts with other agencies I never saw that clause, it gives the hospital power to cancel your contract for any made up no evidence needed reason. I was working at a very mean OR but I kept working and took great care of my patients and about five weeks into my contract I was told that I could not return to the hospital. My contract was canceled and on top of that TNAA took $500.00 from my last paycheck because they said that I did not finish my contract. The worst travel nurse agency ever 12/08/2019
  • I cannot express how amazing my experience has been with TNAA. Being a first time traveler and working with this travel company has exceeded my expectations. I really owe it all to my recruiter, Richard Mui, who has always gone above and beyond for me as a travel nurse. His positive energy, honesty, and attention to detail in all things has made this experience one that I am grateful for. 12/06/2019
  • My recruiter Richard Mui really went above and beyond to educate me on how travel nursing works and check in with me throughout my contract to make sure everything was going well. As a new travel nurse I really appreciated how helpful and supportive he was. 12/03/2019
  • Kristen Jackson is an amazing recruiter. I would really be lost without her. She has been my friend through both travel assignments and I just feel like she want everything to go smoothly with the assignment. She gave me courage to really step out of my comfort zone and take the leap of traveling. I hope to meet her one day and just tell her thank you. 11/22/2019
  • Michael Lupia has been my agent and is super knowledgeable and accurate. He goes above and beyond to answer my questions, call and check on me and to see how my assignment is working out. He is always two steps ahead in helping plan my next assignment. Michael is definitely one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed travel nursing This far! 11/21/2019
  • I chose TNAA for my first travel assignment & have never looked elsewhere! After dealing with many pushy recruiters through other agencies, I was beginning to wonder if travel nursing was even a good fit for me. Someone recommended TNAA and after speaking with my current recruiter, Christina Sammons, I accepted a travel position with them. She has been wonderful! Frequently checking in to see how my assignment is going and how I am liking things.. She's very responsive, reliable, and honest when helping me choose a job with a location/work environment that is a good fit for me. I cannot recommend TNAA enough! 11/18/2019
  • Ren has been a knowledgeable and friendly recruiter. 11/18/2019
  • Credentialling and support staff was awesome. My recruiter Kathleen worked very hard to get me a contract for specifically what I was asking for. I was very picky but she was able to get me an interview! Everyone is super helpful and friendly!! No issues at all on my assignment with TNAA 11/14/2019
  • Overall I have been happy with TNAA and my recruiter Suzanne. She has gone above and beyond in my almost two years with her. Paycheck is always on time. Some of their processes could use some work and simplifying though. Overall I'm happy with TNAA 11/12/2019
  • My recruiter, Mrs. Kathleen Feeney, has been amazing! She’s been so helpful and friendly from the start, and I feel as though she really cares. I can’t say enough good things about her! Amber May from housing has been exceptional as well. She has gone above and beyond to help me choose my best option for housing. Both of these ladies have been a joy to work with and feel like family to me! 11/10/2019
  • Tara Smith is my most fabulous recruiter, and the main reason for my loylty! 11/08/2019
  • My recruiter, Suzanne Farrington, has been awesome. I have had a good experience working with all the others. I do not use housing however, I do understand if I have an issue looking for a site for my RV they would be willing to help look. When I first signed on to TNAA I was assigned to a man who I choose not to use and I was going to not use the company because of him. However, Suzanne had reached out to me not knowing I was speaking to another recruiter. I told her the story of the situation and she put me in contact with "the boss". I was then assigned to Suzanne. I have been with TNAA working with Suzanne since. I had taken an assignment with another company for 13 weeks because TNAA could not get me a position in MT at the time.Suzanne kept in touch with me even though I wasn't working the job with TNAA. When I began looking for my next assignment I reached out to Suzanne. Also I took an assignment for 6 months as a seasonal nurse for a hospital direct. Suzanne and I continued our relationship. And once again when I began looking after that assignment I went right back to Suzanne Farrington at TNAA. I have highly recomended Suzanne Farrington and TNAA to many other nurses. 11/08/2019
  • No comment 11/08/2019
  • I love TNAA. My recruiter always takes the best care with where I go and I’m very grateful. Contracts are adhered to and I get paid on time, every time. I’m a happy camper. 11/07/2019
  • I have worked exclusively with this agency and my recruiter Olivia Carper since I started traveling. I am always impressed by her honesty, and professionalism. I plan to continue to work with this agency as long as Olivia Carper works for them too 11/07/2019
  • Ron York has been a great recruiter! I won’t change unless I’m forced to! 11/06/2019
  • . 11/05/2019
  • I Initially went through multiple agencies because I was looking for the right combination of all of the above selected items. I ended up choosing TNAA because of Gina Sory. She was personable, respectful, knowledgeable, and blunt about TNAA, and what she could offer me as my recruiter. Working night shift, sometimes my days don’t match up to the 9-5 schedule. Gina always works around my schedule. During a particular night shift/day disorientation, I called Gina on her cell at 7pm on a Saturday. She was in the pool with her family, but she still answered her cell phone. In typical Gina fashion, she cracked a few jokes, and addressed my concerns immediately without any frustration with the time or day I had called. It wasn’t until after I hung up that I realized I called her on a Saturday. Healthcare, and nursing in general is a business that works best when there is a dual investment in personal and professional relationship. Gina Sory is a truly gifted recruiter, who cares about her travelers, and goes above and beyond in this regard. 11/05/2019
  • The Agent I have been working with, his name is Jordan has been more then great to work with! He’s really made my first assignment go so smoothly, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. He’s always willing to help and easy to get a hold of even with our time difference. I’d highly recommend this agency to any nurse wanting to travel :) 11/03/2019
  • Spouse insurance too high 11/01/2019
  • I'm a new travel nurse, currently on my first assignment. My recruiter is Nick Garcia, and my experience with TNAA has been great so far! Nick has travelled with his wife, a PICU traveler, and has a ton of personal experience and knowledge about the lifestyle. He's very communicative, patient and available whenever I have questions. Their QA team has also been great with making sure everything got done prior to my assignment. As a new traveler, I've really felt supported by TNAA! 10/30/2019
  • As I have traveled for several years, TNAA has by far been the easiest. My recruiter Christina Simmons has been so attentive and has been so wonderful to work with. I look forward to working with her and TNAA for many years to come. 10/29/2019
  • Nicole Baldwin as my recruiter has been great. She has helped me with any questions or made sure to help me reach the right person for my questions. She has been a great support and has always been there for me. I would recommend her and TNAA for sure because they make you feel like a person and show they care. 10/29/2019
  • Ron York was a great recruiter. During a family emergency he was very helpful and understanding. 10/29/2019
  • I had a fantastic experience working with Ron York. He always checked up on me and made sure I had everything I needed. He was always easy to reach and made my travel experience a smooth and great transition. I would definitely recommend TNAA and Ron as a recruiter. Thanks TNAA for all the time and effort! It is greatly appreciated. 10/29/2019
  • I couldn’t be happier with my recruiter, Jordan Dial. This was my first assignment as a travel nurse and he has gone out of his way to walk me through this process and answer all of my questions. He is always available and responds quickly anytime I reach out to him. I’ve felt nothing but supported by Jordan and highly recommend him and TNAA. 10/24/2019
  • Jordan Dial is my recruiter, and i will greatly recommend him. He is very professional and friendly at the same time, available and committed to his clients. 10/23/2019
  • Kathleen Feeney has been very accommodating and helpful every step of the way, and has even gone out of her way to help me out on a personal level. I really enjoy working with her and never feel pressured to take an assignment. Can't recommend her enough! 10/23/2019
  • I was a traveling nurse for ten years. I have been with numerous companies and recruiters, but my current recruiter Dustin Grimes has went above and beyond. Because of his work ethic I would stay with TNAA and recommend anyone to TNAA because of Dustin's hard work. A recruiter will make or break a traveling nurse's experience and Dustin has been amazing!!!!! 10/15/2019
  • I personally feel, without a doubt, I work for the best company, TNAA. With TNAA, I don't feel like a number, instead I feel valued and supported by professionals that are always looking for ways to improve the lives of their travelers. Summer Lewis, hands down, is the best, bulldog recruiter out there. When I want to reach for the stars on an assignment, she is always open and honest, realistic, and professional. Additionally, Summer provides insurmountable support, to help travelers like myself get the best assignment for their situation. As a travel nurse and the various situations I have dealt with, I have felt more support across the board from: Shay Mitchell (HR Specialist) going above and beyond in more ways than one, Misty (RN Clinical Director) providing support, and Julie Sinclair (Benefits Coordinator) on her willingness to point me in the right direction and always a friendly assistance regarding benefits. Thanks to TNAA and the workers that allow us to continue to do what we do every single day and contract. 10/10/2019
  • As a nurse with 5 years of critical care experience, I finally felt I was ready to give the traveling thing a shot. I just wasn't exactly sure where to even begin, and this is where I met Nick Garcia- Recruiting Specialist @ TNAA. By met - I mean a phone conversation that felt genuinely different than those with other recruiters I had spoken with,- so different it was like I was actually meeting with him in person. How I got connected with a recruiter like him I will never know but I will be forever thankful. Nick has "lived the life" with his wife Brittany-a travel nurse,and their beautiful daughter; he is able to provide that extra information to help you be successful in your journey as a traveler. He has eased my anxieties/fears from day one, answered all my millions of questions without hesitation, & overall made me a believer in myself- that I could do this! If your on the fence about traveling, take a leap of faith and reach out to Nick Garcia at TNAA, and life will happen from there. 08/27/2019
  • As a traveler for the past 6 years, I've worked with several agencies coast to coast. TNAA has been consistent and professional, reaching out even if I've been on an assignment with another company. I've never felt pressured or experienced a bad attitude ftom staff when making a decision to go one place over another. Every department, from housing to payroll to compliance has been very good about communication, providing information and guidance when solidifying details for an assignment. I appreciate the housing options, the stipend, the furnished housing or a combination to suit my needs. My recruiter, April Coltran, has been exemplary with her positive attitude, follow up calls, and availablity even once the assignment is underway. She makes sure I understand my choices and pay disbursement prior to signing a contract, as well as reminding me to submit any time off requests for a guaranteed approval as part of the agreement. Also, the opportunity to earn and use PTO for sick days is available on every assignment and can be rolled over. We hope we don't need to use it, but it brings peace of mind, as we are human, too. It takes the anxiety out of missing a 12 hour shift and not being punished for being sick. I've had nothing but good experiences with TNAA. 08/15/2019
  • I enjoy working with Rebecca Baxter and especially Allison graham. They are professional. They will return calls quickly and check on you periodically. They answer my questions. 08/08/2019
  • They were friendly and professional. They paid for license and travel expenses without issue. I always however ended up with contracts that were in worse locations and paid less than I had planned for. It was very difficult to find affordable short term housing. The only housing they could provide was ridiculously expensive. 08/07/2019
  • I’ve had a great experience, stick with the same recruiter and company every time, timely manor, good pay, great benefits! 07/26/2019
  • Im on my 3rd assignment and I have had zero major issues. Everyone is friendly and professional. 07/22/2019
  • Ron York is my recruiter and he's really great. Extremely patient, and outgoing. 07/22/2019
  • Ron York 07/22/2019
  • Ron York is an awesome recruiter 07/21/2019
  • Ron York is an excellent recruiter. He goes out of his way to check on me and provider chaplain services when my friend died earlier this year. He is an excellent representative for TNAA. He makes sure that I am having the best travel experience possible. 07/21/2019
  • Ron York goes above and beyond to assist in assignments and is always there to help with any needs or problems that arise. Recommend Ron to any traveler. Will always shout out to Ron. 07/21/2019
  • Ron York- best recruiter ever. Always there for me. Very knowledgeable, friendly and always easy to reach. 07/20/2019
  • Ron York has been a very great recruiter to have. He is always on top of things. 07/20/2019
  • I have been with TNAA for over a year. Sometimes the personnel can be annoying making sure my credentials are maintained, but that's one of the reasons I stay with them. My recruiter, Ron York, is the other reason. You just know good people when you meet them. 07/19/2019
  • Ron York is the best recruiter ever! 07/19/2019
  • Excellent experience so far. I highly recommend to anyone else interested in traveling. 07/19/2019
  • Na 07/19/2019
  • My experience with recruiter, Jordan Dial, has been excellent. 07/16/2019
  • Great recruiter Jordan Dial. If I solely worked with him my reviews above would all be excellent. 07/15/2019
  • My recruiter Jordan Dial is wonderful..he works with me to find the perfect assignment and checks up on me regularly. I would recommend my agency to anyone interested in traveling with a great company. 07/12/2019
  • I switched over to TNAA after having a terrible time with another company. My recruiter Olivia has been an angel! I travel with my fiancé & she has done such an amazing time accommodating our needs & wants. TNAA works in a timely manner & is always friendly & cooperative. I feel as though I am always the priority with TNAA! Olivia & her partner Rob are always checking in on us, just to make sure we’re doing okay. We are so so happy with TNAA. I don’t plan on working with anyone else from this point on. 07/11/2019
  • Jordan Dial is the best, most efficient and compassionate recruiter I have ever had! Will undoubtedly work with him again and refer him to any and all other nurses:) 07/11/2019
  • Great company to work with. 07/11/2019
  • Have been able to count on my recruiter, Donna, as well as all of the support staff at TNAA since day one. If I need extra education they're quick to help and always are on top of helping me keep my credentials current. 06/17/2019
  • I have worked with my recruiter Baran Pal for a number of years on many different assignments. He is honest & knowledgeable about all facets of the career & listens to what I want & need in an assignment. I would work with him again & again. 06/16/2019
  • This company provides the total package. Stress free Travel experience. 06/10/2019
  • My first assignment with them and I can’t find anything to complain about. Baran Pal is always available to answer my questions. Thank you TNAA. 06/08/2019
  • Summer Lewis, TNAA,is my recruiter. Summer pushed through onboard with creativity and tenacity; we were time challenged. TNAA team members are articulate and supportive. A traveler is truly on a team, appreciate the DON communication, as well. 06/08/2019
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