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Travel Nursing Hospital Review of: Vibra Hospital of Richmond
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Friendliness and acceptance of travelers by staff1
2. How open are they to allowing you to expand your skills while traveling?3
3. Hospital Technology2
4. Location (A nice area to live)1
5. Cafeteria food1.5
6. Parking4.5
7. Physical layout of hospital effecient2
8. Hospital appeal (looks)3.5
9. Hospital orientation geared toward travelers?1.5
10. Simplicity being initiated into the system (Do you have to do lots of unneccessary paperwork, drug testing, criminal background checks, etc. in addition to what the agency requires before you can start working?)3.5
11. Reputation of the hospital1.5
12. How nice are the doctors to staff4.5
13. Friendliness of staffing office3.5
14. Happy with the work scheduling procedure?2.5
15. How efficient is their system so you can get your job done?1
16. Adequacy of their nurse to patient ratio1
17. How well staffed are they1
18. How happy were you with your workload?1
19. Staff morale (overall)1
20. To what extent would you recommend this hospital to other travelers?1
Total Score (number or rankings)41.5(2)(0)
  • I worked in the LTAC department(s) in the hospital. Worked thru the holidays Thanksgiv, Xmas, New Year the day after New Years Day another traveler and myself were called into office and yelled at for how we sign in on notebook for our shift. Apparently they needed us for the holidays and fabricated a reason to dismiss us. Blessing in team work, angry, lazy staff. Meds and feedings were located in different locations on different floor throughtout the building. Very understaffed. Will never work LTAC again! Very poorly run facility!.... 01/21/2020
  • Housing was approximately 7 mile(s) from the hospital. The name of the housing complex was hotel. Housing was located in city of Richmond. On a scale from 1 to 5, I would rate it a 4.
  • I worked in the Nursing department(s) in the hospital. Facility targets travelers , will harass you. Will blame you for things that are not done when you asked for help. The supervisor doesn't care about you or the patients. You'll be lucky if you get a lunch break and if you do your there till 10pm. Your the primary nurse for 6 patients on vents who all suffer from anxiety and claim your neglecting them when trying to take care of your patient. You'll be lucky if the CNA are not hiding better yet if you even have CNA. There were times that no CNAs came in so you had6 patients plus had to do CNA work,they find every reason to write you up. It's not a good place if your trying to keep your license. The supervisors will also follow you around seeing your busy instead of realizing they are a nurse they are capable of helping but they rather watch you take care of another patient and bother you about it. 07/22/2017
  • The name of the housing complex was None . Housing was located in city of Richmond . On a scale from 1 to 5, I would rate it a 1.
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