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Travel Nursing Hospital Review of: Prime Time Healthcare
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable4.5
2. Friendly4.5
3. Efficient4.2
4. Honest4.4
5. Pay rate3.8
6. Paycheck accuracy4.5
7. Housing4
8. Benefits3.4
9. Supportive4.4
10. Assignment selection available3.7
11. Individualized4.2
12. Insurance plan3
13. Reliable4.2
14. Accessible4.4
15. Reputable4.5
16. Accommodating4.3
17. Professional4.5
18. Paycheck arrival time4.6
19. Chances you will recommend this agency4.4
20. Chances you will work with them again4.4
Total Score (number or rankings)83.9(25)(0)
  • Hold nurses to a contract that was not signed just discussed. Does not take into consideration family emergencies. 03/10/2019
  • Jared with PrimeTime is wonderful. He works hard for his nurses and helps out in any way he can. Very open and transparent. Quick response time. 12/14/2018
  • I’ve never been treated so poorly by people who want to make money off me working. Pay rates are a joke, then when you’re upfront and tell them that is too low, they get holier than now. They will only discuss assignments on the phone, hardly convenient for night shift workers or if in a different time zone. Sarah refused to work with me, I’ve been licensed almost 10 years, but that wasn’t enough for her. Another recruiter tried working with me but was very arrogant. They post positions which aren’t even available. Travelers be aware of their low rates, rude behavior, and bait and switch! 11/04/2018
  • No follow thru after getting submitted to opening. More concerned about just getting submitted to assignments. Very unprofessional et discouteous mannerism when asked ? regardibg pay package "read my post" sent e-mail regarding this comment. Informed to call et not send or put statements, comments, remarks in an e-mail Did not call et took assignment with another agency. Would NOT recommend this Sr Recruiter- Jason Barnes! 12/04/2017
  • Great company to work for and awesome recruiters 08/25/2017
  • My recruiter Veronica as always been there for me through the good and the bad and will never let me down ! She goes above and beyond her job duties for me 08/22/2017
  • Mathamatical payscale system not accurate. 08/12/2017
  • I love prime time health care they are the best an my recruiter 08/12/2017
  • Enjoy travel with Primetime. 08/11/2017
  • My recruiter has been awesome quick to get back with me when I communicate with her 08/11/2017
  • I love travel nursing. My recruiter managed to find me a great contract close to home when I wanted to spend time close to home for the summer. 08/11/2017
  • I have been very satisfied with my agency with only the exception of poor insurance policy. 08/11/2017
  • Primetime health care is a very great company. I think this a good way to know what's going on with company's. 08/10/2017
  • Awesome company to work with! 08/10/2017
  • Would be an outstanding agency if new assignments were prayed online! 08/10/2017
  • My Recruiter, Carla Manderochio is amazing! She is there for me day or night when I Have a question, issue or just need someone to talk to while being away from home. 08/10/2017
  • Love Them 08/10/2017
  • I've been working for a travel company for 3 years and I love it. 08/10/2017
  • Insurance packages needs improvement. 08/10/2017
  • I've been waiting on my next assignment for a few weeks now 08/10/2017
  • Prime Time was great to work with. They were able to get me a job quickly to start my travel nursing career. 08/10/2017
  • Craig Steinacher is a ROCK STAR 06/29/2017
  • I work corrections sometimes its hard to find assignments, but prime time healthcare has also worked hard to find me something. Kris Carlson has gone above and beyond the call of duty many times. -BA 06/29/2017
  • My recruiter Jason Barnes is awesome. 06/29/2017
  • I worked in Omaha for 2 assignments so i had an opportunity to meet my recruiter and the management team. They're all AWESOME !! Prime Time let me go to their suite at a storm chasers game, covered my zoo pass for me and my grandkids. Awesome company... 06/29/2017
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