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Travel Nursing Hospital Review of: Beaver Dam Community Hospital
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Friendliness and acceptance of travelers by staff3.3
2. How open are they to allowing you to expand your skills while traveling?2.3
3. Hospital Technology3
4. Location (A nice area to live)3
5. Cafeteria food2.7
6. Parking3.3
7. Physical layout of hospital effecient3.3
8. Hospital appeal (looks)2.7
9. Hospital orientation geared toward travelers?2.3
10. Simplicity being initiated into the system (Do you have to do lots of unneccessary paperwork, drug testing, criminal background checks, etc. in addition to what the agency requires before you can start working?)3.3
11. Reputation of the hospital3
12. How nice are the doctors to staff4.3
13. Friendliness of staffing office3.7
14. Happy with the work scheduling procedure?2.7
15. How efficient is their system so you can get your job done?2.7
16. Adequacy of their nurse to patient ratio3
17. How well staffed are they2.7
18. How happy were you with your workload?3.3
19. Staff morale (overall)2.7
20. To what extent would you recommend this hospital to other travelers?2.7
Total Score (number or rankings)60(3)(0)
  • I worked in the Med/Surg, Tele department(s) in the hospital. Staff is friendly on pms, work together as a team. CNA/PCT mostly not scheduled so you are basically full care nursing, sometimes have a flex RN available to help with patients. No transport team, RN has to go to ER to pick up patient to transport to room. 5:1 ratio, most of the time it is 4:1. Administrative staff available M-F, have been very accommodating and easy to work with. 07/02/2020
  • Housing was approximately 35 mile(s) from the hospital. The name of the housing complex was private. Housing was located in city of Madison. On a scale from 1 to 5, I would rate it a 5. Well maintained, limited amenities due to Covid.
  • I worked in the ED department(s) in the hospital. This is just my opinion, but I have never met a more rude, obnoxious and sarcastic group of people than the residents of Wisconsin. Search Google and you will find that it was rated as one of the rudest states. With exception of one night shift charge nurse, nursing staff were extremely rude and talked down to travel nurses especially if they were from the South. Instead of being helpful, staff would answer questions with a smart *** retort. I asked why everyone from this area was rude and passive aggressive. The answer? I was told that "that is what we call 'Wisconsin nice.'" is called being rude, passive aggressive and obnoxious. Gossip was abundant and the extramarital affair between a male nurse and PA was unashamedly obvious. Unfortunately I agreed to a 16 week contract and could not wait to get out of there. I was so miserable that it began to effect my personal life and overall attitude. My advice is that unless you are from the area or have no problem dealing with these issues, then stay away. It was NOT worth the money (the highest paid job I've ever had) or the aggravation. 07/13/2018
  • Housing was approximately 20 mile(s) from the hospital. The name of the housing complex was Deforest KOA. Housing was located in city of Deforest . On a scale from 1 to 5, I would rate it a 3.
  • I worked in the er department(s) in the hospital. Lots of other travelers, especially at night. Not much housing in town, commuted from madison. 06/08/2017
  • Housing was approximately 40 mile(s) from the hospital. The name of the housing complex was commuted. Housing was located in city of madison. On a scale from 1 to 5, I would rate it a 4. Commuted as there were limited housing in beaver dam. Hotel in town offers hospital rates.
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