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Travel Nursing Hospital Review of: Vista Staffing aka Envision Healthcare
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable1
2. Friendly3
3. Efficient1
4. Honest1
5. Pay rate1
6. Paycheck accuracy1
7. Housing1
8. Benefits1
9. Supportive1
10. Assignment selection available1
11. Individualized1
12. Insurance plan1
13. Reliable1
14. Accessible1
15. Reputable1
16. Accommodating1
17. Professional1
18. Paycheck arrival time1
19. Chances you will recommend this agency1
20. Chances you will work with them again1
Total Score (number or rankings)22(1)(0)
  • This is an initial review of an experience, luckily they showed me exactly what kinda company they are.. behind the curtain... ***NURSES BEWARE*** Spoke to Recruiter Lisa Thompson, we negotiated rates & gave her the ok to submit me.. 2 weeks later I followed up with her to discover she never submitted me. I question her inaction & then she blows me off?? Tells me to find another agency? (Note: In my 13 year career, including APN & Midwifery... I've never even had an inquiry of malpractice, nothing criminal over a speeding ticket my entire life!!) It's one thing to drop the ball, its a WHOLE different subject matter to ignore the screwup, hide it and then tell me to find another agency? This is my livelihood! Followed up with the Vista leadership, received a call from Sue Finch & while she was nice, acknowledged the incident, took ownership I do not see her resoving this matter from occurring again. Let me ask you nurses: If you miss a patients meds, orders, codes...etc & the patients brings it to your attention & you act rude, belittling or blow them off, if they complain would you still have a job... would you think your license would be in jeopardy ? 04/19/2017
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