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Travel Nursing Hospital Review of: Healthtrust
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable1.8
2. Friendly2.2
3. Efficient1.4
4. Honest1.6
5. Pay rate2.2
6. Paycheck accuracy2
7. Housing1.8
8. Benefits1.4
9. Supportive1.6
10. Assignment selection available1.9
11. Individualized1.5
12. Insurance plan1.4
13. Reliable1.6
14. Accessible1.5
15. Reputable1.5
16. Accommodating1.5
17. Professional1.8
18. Paycheck arrival time2.2
19. Chances you will recommend this agency1.6
20. Chances you will work with them again1.5
Total Score (number or rankings)34(10)(0)
  • Meditech is 28 year old version and you get 8 hour hospital orientation! To learn there systems 8 hours and then full assignment. 08/29/2019
  • Was hired for "full placement" not travel, but am still considered float pool for Riverside Community Hospital. Was told that I'd have 3 days orientation shifts. This turned out to be untrue. First shift booked was not even orientation, I was simply thrown into the fire and expected to survive. Upset, I tried contacting the agency, and could not get a hold of anyone. I had no access to kronos, meditech, or pyxis and was just handed 4 patient assignment with no other staff RN to help me at all. I should have left that day but I didn't. I thought this was simply some sort of bad misunderstanding or something. I barely hung by a thread for that shift, but I was willing to try again once all my access had been squared away. Next shift I come in, same thing. No orientation. Just handed an assignment and expected to know how to handle Meditech and all other charting/expectations. Then at the end of the shift, someone from either the liaison staffing or the agency office finds me and asks if I'v had my competency packet signed off yet!!! WTH!?! By who!?! I'm pissed by now and refuse to come back unless I get properly oriented. The only reason I agreed to continue with this company is because pay rate is very high compared to other agency that staff RCH, and also they promise me orientation and that "this never happens" and "we dont know why this happened" but I see other reviews it has happened before. I like RCH MS Tele floors and staff is extremely nice. Seems like a good place to work, so I want to try to make this work. If nothing improves, I will be leaving. I would not recommend this very disorganized agency to anyone. Headaches and stress is all it is, don't know if the high pay rate is that worth it. Find an angency who cares about you. 08/09/2019
  • I can't understand all the negativity towards Healthtrust. I have had a great experience with them for 4 assignments. It may be due to the fact that I have one of the best recruiters in the industry, and I have worked with other agencies. Her name is Amber Ratkowski, and she has been nothing but extremely professional and accommodating on every assignment. When something does go wrong (only one time), she went out of her way to fix the problem and more than compensate. I also understand the issues people may have with HCA facilities; however, I have noticed that the employees at HCA facilities tend to be the best and most helpful group of employees that I have worked with in any hospital system, especially in the ER. Also, if you do take an assignment at an HCA facility, Healthtrust always pays the highest rate because the other companies have to pay a commission to Healthtrust. This is my honest experience with Healthtrust. 03/10/2019
  • STAY AWAY from Healthtrust aka Parallon...which means HCA. They are one in the same company. HCA hospitals are the worse hospitals, so unsafe for staff and for patients. All they care about is the money 100%. They will screw you with pay,housing and sending you to places without any guidance. The worst experience and I have been to several in different states and they all are the same. Don't get sucked in... 01/07/2018
  • Run!! This company is on their third name change!!!! Shady illegal company. 11/22/2017
  • Horrific experience! Been travel nursing for a very long time. It’s ALL ABOUT THEM. WORST TRAVEL NURSE AGENCY THERE IS. You also see how they change their company name as well. That is to protect themselves!! Even the staff in payroll are shockingly rude. I warned you!!! Worst travel nurse agency there is!! Also, never refer nurses to them—after the nurse completes the contract you will NEVER get the bonus. 11/22/2017
  • Multiple name changes and poor recommendations had me worried, but I got a quick interview and need to start working ASAP. Benefits are pure garbage. Health insurance costs way more than private insurance and is extremely limited. The pay is mediocre, but I always get paid on time. Limited to HCA hospitals, and if you leave you'll be blacklisted for 12 months. They do provide decent housing. I'd have a hard time recommending HCA's travel department to anyone. 06/01/2017
  • All About Staffing, Parallon is now HEALTHTRUST. This God-forsaken agency staffs HCA hospitals across the U.S.A. The worst agency ever. The recruiters pretend to work in your favor, but actually work against you. They fail to provide housing and give you a blended rate which is always a RIP - OFF. If housing is provided, you lose $2000 or more per month and hourly rate drops to $18 to $20. This agency is all about money and will never give you all you need to work with. You are expected to begin assignments with no access to patient charting or Med adminstration. You can't get a hold of the recruiters and will always find negative reviews about your performance circulating from one manager in one facility to another without your knowledge. No reviews, no feedback, no communication whatsoever. You are just to be used to make money for them and be dumped at will. Their assignments are the worst you can ever encounter. HCA facilities are very unsafe. I will never work for Parallon aka HealthTrust or any of their affiliates. I'd rather starve to death. Watch out for them. They keep changing their names. I am done with travel assignments and safely back to a regular full time employment. Travel assignments are definitely not for people like myself who need stability in life. Working for All About Staffing/Parallon/Healthtrust is full of negative experiences in the most horrible hospitals. You hardly get any good reviews about this agency or HCA facilities. Never again. 12/31/2016
  • The fact that this is their 3rd name change should tell you something. Shady horrible company. Pays badly. Won't reimburse for anything. Delays contract starts. And try to get your recruiter on the phone. Horrible! Run! 11/25/2016
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