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Travel Nursing Hospital Review of: Patient Ready Clinicians, LLC
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable3
2. Friendly4
3. Efficient3
4. Honest3
5. Pay rate3
6. Paycheck accuracy1
7. Housing3
8. Benefits1
9. Supportive3
10. Assignment selection available4
11. Individualized4
12. Insurance plan1
13. Reliable3
14. Accessible4
15. Reputable3
16. Accommodating3
17. Professional3
18. Paycheck arrival time1
19. Chances you will recommend this agency1
20. Chances you will work with them again1
Total Score (number or rankings)52(1)(0)
  • I unfortunately worked one contract for this agency and then I was done. I have to say that they did well with placing me at a facility that I liked and preparing me for the requirements of working there. However, they made mistakes on my paychecks three times and failed to pay me for the full amount of hours that I worked. I had to correct them each time. (I still think there was one pay period where I got stiffed for a work day.) They make you email them your time sheets, and then don't keep track of them very well. They also didn't find me a new contract when my previous one ended and then put me on per diem shifts, which was fine but isn't something I wanted to do long term. They got me exactly one interview for a contract position and then told me it was my job to contact the unit manager about whether they wanted to hire me for that position. I was very responsive to them whenever they had a question or needed something from me, but when I wanted to work another contract, it was like I wasn't that important and no one would respond to me for days. Finally, when I found a permanent position at another hospital because I wanted a secure, stable job, I told them about it, and the vice president got very upset with me. She told me I hadn't communicated my needs to them and that I had "screwed them". I don't know how me emailing her almost every day asking if any new contracts were available and telling her I really needed to have stable work as soon as possible was me not communicating, but she's a former lawyer so I guess it's easy for her to twist things around. I also had told her about it as soon as I was hired for another position. She tried to talk me out of taking the job and attempted to convince me that I should stay contract forever and told me that I would hate my new job. I think that's very unprofessional and that telling me that I don't know what I'm doing with my own career is not what she should be doing. After that, her only concern seemed to be whether they could charge a finder's fee to my new hospital. I wound up feeling kind of used, like no one at this company cared about me except to make money off of my hard work. And yes, they messed up on my final paycheck and I had to point it out to them and provide proof that they had missed a day. So now I'm still waiting to see if they pay me that money. Also, they don't offer medical or life insurance, so I was responsible for that myself. I wouldn't recommend working for this agency unless you want to be worried about pay and about whether you're going to have work when your contract ends. I was made to feel bad for leaving them, and I think that's highly unprofessional. Nursing agencies shouldn't work like the Mafia. Do yourselves a favor and work for an agency that plays fair and offers benefits, because a lot of them do. 03/08/2016
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