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Travel Nursing Company Review of: WORLD HEALTH
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable2.9
2. Friendly3.2
3. Efficient2.8
4. Honest2.7
5. Pay rate3.4
6. Paycheck accuracy3.1
7. Housing3
8. Benefits2.4
9. Supportive2.8
10. Assignment selection available2.1
11. Individualized2.6
12. Insurance plan2
13. Reliable2.6
14. Accessible2.9
15. Reputable2.9
16. Accommodating2.9
17. Professional3.1
18. Paycheck arrival time3.8
19. Chances you will recommend this agency3
20. Chances you will work with them again3.1
Total Score (number or rankings)57.3(14)(0)
  • En la FundaciViverimenta un Programa de Voluntario en Verano haciendo Santa. Esros programas te permiten u trabajao voluntario de forma indión Ecuador Volunteer, te ofrecemos la posibilidad de disfrutar un increíble programa de voluntariado en verano. Aplica tus destrezas y talentos exitosamente en favor de las comunidades locales por medio de varias actividades. 10/25/2016
  • Recruiter states one rate while submitting info to hospital and puts a lower rate in contract. this has happened 3 times I am changing agencies next assignment 02/13/2007
  • I received the worst service from this company. They change recruiters like it's clothes. I heard they went bankrupt as well be very careful working with TNS which I guess is what they turned into.. what a joke 12/29/2006
  • I received the worst service from this company. They change recruiters like it's clothes. I heard they went bankrupt as well be very careful working with TNS which I guess is what they turned into.. what a joke 12/29/2006
  • This is the WORST company I have ever worked for, I have never been treated so unfaily in all the years I have been an RN. They need to learn ethics, and morals. 12/19/2006
  • Havw worked with them for over 2 years.Am very, very pleased with all aspects of their agency- recruiters, support staff are great. Would definately recommend them! 11/05/2006
  • My first assignment was good but my second one was the worst experience Ive ever had. They charged me hidden fees for my housing and placed me 20 miles from my work place. They changed my pay scale and claimed I must have misunderstood. I wouldn't recomend them to anyone.
  • After working for many agencies I have finally found the one I'm sticking with. My recruiter is the best- keeps in touch just to make sure everything is going okay, you can always reach her, and she is quick to handle any situation. The housing dept and payroll dept bend over backwards to help with anything you need. They really treat you like youre family and not just a fly-by-night traveler. They help you to avoid alot of the hassles that are a regular part of travel nursing. I recommend them HIGHLY. They also pay on the top end of the scale.
  • One thing I don,t like is there insurance plan it is not good when you pay more for the coverage and service and you then have to pay more out of your pocket than the insurance company does.And then your recruiter does care about finding you something untill almost the last minute making it hard on you not knowing where you are going or if you are going to have a job.They need to care enough to check in on you,because we are not just making money for us we are making it for them.
  • World Health has done everything they said they would do.My Apt. was not ready when I arrived to my assig. I picked the Hotel to stay in no problem they have go above and beyond to make sure I am happy. So I am staying for another 13 weeks. my Apt. is top notch my car is a brand new rental car and the pay is good. The only thing Idid not like was my recruiter changed.
  • This agency has bent over backwards to accomodate me, as a new traveller. The stipend is above and beyond all competition I've seen thus far. I always get rapd answers to any question I mignt have and I plan to stay with them as long as I can.
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