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Travel Nursing Hospital Review of: Dakota Travel Nurse
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Knowledgeable2
2. Friendly2.5
3. Efficient3
4. Honest1
5. Pay rate3.5
6. Paycheck accuracy3
7. Housing1.5
8. Benefits1
9. Supportive1
10. Assignment selection available2.5
11. Individualized1
12. Insurance plan1
13. Reliable1
14. Accessible2
15. Reputable1
16. Accommodating1.5
17. Professional1.5
18. Paycheck arrival time3
19. Chances you will recommend this agency1
20. Chances you will work with them again1
Total Score (number or rankings)35(2)(0)
  • I have worked with this company 8 months. I have never experienced such a dishonest company. IF you qualify, they make you sign a you paper that you reject the health insurance. They do not care about you as an individual only the money. I wish I could speak for all but it is like being enslaved by them. You call in for ANY reason you are told, too bad you need to go and work your shift. I had a case of possibly blood clot in my leg and they yelled at me and then said I needed a note and told me specifically what it had to say, i.e. Acute Medical Condition..... I cannot stress enough the dishonesty I have experienced with this company. I am thankful for the others I work for!! They are friendly at first but don't cross them at all. Be prepared to sleep with all gender, female, male, lesbian and gay. That's how they work it and if the facility wants to house us, DTN sayd it is ok to house us all together because "Thats what they do." Money may be good but definitely not work the enslavement. And after a while the money actually goes down and you make less, not sure how this is possible but some how they are able to get away with anything. They get away with a lot of fraud type business they do. But the owner is a very rich woman from their dishonesty. 05/23/2015
  • I have been with this agency 2 years. They are dishonest as in book hours but change them. Their housing may seem and sound great but in the middle of contract or at the beginning switch your housing to a home that they have purchased in an area where DTN male and female live together and the home is usually dirty and broken down because they do not care for them homes, just move travel nurses and aides in and out. They do pay well but not worth the conditions for living or how you are treated by their recruiters which sound great in the beginning but very dishonest! 04/09/2015
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