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    122 thoughts on “Next Travel Nursing

    1. Just finished a contract with them. My recruiter Jordyn Moerner was always available and always responded, even after work hours. They had my back when I had multiple problems with the hospital I was in. My inquiries were followed up on every time and in a timely manner. I’ll work with them 1,000 more times.

    2. Tim Hall is my recruiter for Next Travel Nursing and he is awesome! He landed me the perfect assignment and a fantastic pay package. Highly recommended!!!

    3. Callie and the whole Next Travel Nursing crew have been amazing throughout my assignments! Attentive, very responsive and always willing to help when needed! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to travel with an honest recruiter and company! I will continue to use this company for all of my future contracts!!

    4. My first travel assignment and they really helped me out and made me feel comfortable with everything. Allison Hachey made it less stressful for me and I really am thankful for her

      • I cannot stress enough how amazing Debbi Laatz is as a recruiter. Not only is she professional, responsive, and knowledgeable.. but she always fights for me and makes sure if the hospital isn’t being appropriate that I am covered as well as fighting for rate increases if the rate goes up while I’m already on contract. If you need a new recruiter call Her and ask for her to be yours recruiter at next medical!!!

    5. Maura Hackney with Next Travel Nursing is the absolute best! She�s been transparent and conducted herself with utmost integrity from day one and from there she�s hustled to open up facilities for me and has been super supportive in all my assignments. I recommend Maura to any nurse I meet that�s interested in travel because she should be the poster child of the travel industry; she�s exactly who new folks should interface with for their first experience.

    6. I was scared of travel nursing, every time I would go to apply I�d back out. That was until I spoke to my recruiter Jeremy, he was nice and honest. He took the time to tell me the ins and outs, made sure I was happy. My recruiter texts me often to make sure everything is ok and if I need anything. Next Travel Nursing has been a blessing.

    7. Next Travel Nursing and specifically Timothy Hill has been great to work with. They have had the best communication out of all the agencies I have worked with. I usually have an answer to my question within minutes. Typically when I am assignment hunting and ask about pay packages between the few recruiters I work with they have the highest pay too. Highly recommend working with them!

    8. My recruiter Jennifer Knoth and the whole team at Next travel nursing have been a pleasure to work with. I am on my first assignment with them and everyone has been helpful and has offered quick responses to any problems or questions I’ve had.

    9. Kayla Kindred is such an awesome recruiter! She had been nothing but honest and trustworthy from the gate! She checks in with me during my assignments and even in between to make sure that I�m okay and taken care of! She�s amazing!

    10. My recruiter was Nicholas Hoffman. He was very friendly and attentive to anything I needed. He worked hard to make sure I was happy on my assignment!

    11. Nick Hoffman has been a pleasure to work with. He is an excellent communicator, goes above and beyond to problems solve and listens to what I�m looking for. I�d highly recommend him and next travel nursing!

    12. This is the only agency I work with; the pay rate and housing stipend/per diem match the areas I work in. They have good health insurance at reasonable costs. I work a specific area and there are not as many choices as I would like but I always get close to where I want to be. I have had a couple of issues with the process of completing requirements for a new assignment-mostly the timing of getting things completed, but my recruiter will help to speed the process when I ask for help. I find my own housing though they offer to help if needed. I have learned to ask for travel pay to be built into my package.

    13. Nick Hoffman is so helpful! He walked me through every step and was always open and honest with me. He had all the answers I needed! I’m so happy to be working with Nick and Next Travel agency! Not only is the pay package amazing but the insurance is too! Next has the total package!

    14. This is my first time traveling and Nick Hoffman is my recruiter! He has been exceptional as a new traveler. Answers all my questions and helps with any thing. I am able to be honest with any concerns and he addresses them all. He is also super personal and easy to talk with which makes a great working relationship. He is what has kept me this company this far. He always returns my calls, emails, or text. Any one would be super lucky to work with Nick Hoffman

    15. Nick Hoffman is my recruiter. He has done an excellent job with being honest, getting information to me in a timely manner and checking in to make sure everything is going great.

    16. I have worked with 6 recruiters in the last 12 years including Nick Hoffman. I have never been treated half as well with any other recruiter. Nick checks on me and is there when I have an issue. I feel like he is a friend more then a business contact. I didn�t have any personal connection with any of the other 5 recruiters with whom I worked. Nick is outstanding, I recommend him to anyone who will listen! Truly a wonderful representative of Next Nursing.

    17. Nick from next is wonderful and helpful. He walks you through every step and makes sure you are comfortable with every thing

    18. My recruiter Eli Ortiz is extremely friendly , helpful , and accommodating . He is the greatest reason I went with this agency , and that I am so satisfied . he really is a sweet person .

    19. My recruiter is Mike Sweet. He is professional, a good listener, and timely with accomplishing what he commits to complete. I am honored to work with him.

    20. Eli Ortiz is my recruiter and is very good at his job. I have really enjoyed the helpful and friendly relationship we have had

    21. Always available to answer questions or check in on how an assignment is going. Super friendly staff that understand different specialties require different persepectives making them extremely personalized and are always on top of things.

    22. Paychecks were accurate and on time, but always difficulty getting reimbursed for anything. (travel, education, licenses, etc).

    23. Nick Hoffman and David Nation are great. They have provided guidance and answers to any questions I’ve had quickly and efficiently. Their help has been immeasurable on my first assignment.

    24. Have been with Next for this last year, and have been impressed with their professional, yet personal touch to everything they do. My recruiter Nick Petrosino has been an amazing resource for me, and am so fortunate he is advocating for me when getting assignments and benefits. Never have to ask “what’s Next?” Nick is on top of it to get me a great assignment. Don’t ask what’s Next, go with Next!

    25. Nick, my recruiter has been fantastic. I had the opportunity to leave this agency for a higher paying agency but chose not to. Why? Because my recruiter has been so supportive and there when I needed anything during and after business hours. If I had problems he has always addressed them immediately, resolving all my issues in a timely manner.

    26. My recruiter Nick Hoffman was attentive and very responsive to all my questions and concerns. His attention to detail helped put me at ease with the new process of travel nursing.

    27. Melissa Calvert is an awesome recruiter and has taken great care of me and has done everything she has promised! She is a joy to work with and truly has my best interest in mind.

    28. My recruiter Josey Crues is so professional and personable. Also there hasn�t been hardly any issues but if there is they handle it quickly and professionally.

    29. my agent, Melissa Calvert was extremely professional and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I was a priority. I would not hesitate to recommend the agency and Melissa Calvert to any RN looking for solid representation.

    30. Nicholas Hoffman is a great agent! His level of communication and flow through is excellent. I will recommend him to all my nursing friends.

    31. Melissa makes this so much easier for me. She�s a very genuine person and I�m glad to have her in my back pocket for anything I need. Thanks for everything you do.

    32. Recruiter Josey Cruse is simply amazing and is always available when needed. I have completely enjoyed working with and for Next Travel Nursing.

    33. Pro:
      – my recruiter Debbi Laatz is awesome and I feel like I can be very honest with her.
      -She is also very honest and prompt on responses.
      -Paychecks are always on time.
      – I get Christmas bonuses (over 500$ awesome)
      – there was a delay on my start date and they helped with and advance —helped extremely
      -they offered by a bonus on the end of my assignment for any extra shift I do.

      -that pay/ OT rate- other companies offer different packages. my extra shift rate is the same as a regular shift I do.
      – I had a delay that happened in the beginning with my urine sample- happened because one of the coordinator didn’t meet the deadline (my recruiter was great but the coordinator not so responsive either ). I sent my nihss 3 times, other types of docs over and over again.

    34. Debbi has been great to work with!! Without her, I�m not sure where my nursing career would be at, I�m grateful for all of help and detication to those she represents.

    35. Next Travel us an excellent company to work with. Michael Sweet is my recruiter and does an excellent job! He is available (even when on vacation)! I seem to have a lot of questions and if he does have the answer, he finds it very quickly. A great agency!

    36. My recruiter Marlyn is amazing!! There when I need her this can be anytime day or night!! Anytime I have a question or problem she gets right on it.
      Great company to work for!

    37. I have worked with other travel agencies/recruiters but none as professional and attentive to making my assignment experience a successful one each time. My recruiter was so very thoughtful when I lost four family members and my best friend within a three month period and I will never forget that about her. I would tell anyone about the company with whom I have worked for almost two years now!!

    38. It�s easy to feel like just another number with some agencies and recruiters, but I can say that I never once felt that way with Debbi at Next. Debbi helped guide me through my start in traveling and made the process so much less overwhelming. She genuinely had my best interests at heart and worked at all hours if I needed her. I wouldn�t want to work with anyone else. I made the mistake of leaving and trying out another agency/recruiter and realized what I was missing very quickly. To anyone that ever expresses interest in traveling to me, I don�t hesitate to refer them to Next and Debbi.

    39. I have recommeneded Next Travel Agency without hesitation to multiple colleagues. I have a lot of trust in this agency because it has been reliable and easy to work for. Even in their mistakes they are quick to correct them, apologize, and move on. They truely do care and are supportive, I have never felt that they would backstab me or do what is best for them (the company), rather they do what is best for the traveler.

    40. My recruiter Melissa Calvert is extremely helpful. She is always there. She goes above and beyond to accommodate. She is very professional. She is very nice and polite as well.

    41. My recruiter Timothy Hill is absolutely awesome! He contacts me weekly to ask me how things are going while I am on assignment. He is always available to take care of any concern that I may have. He even sent me a welcome to the team card along with a gift card. He has welcomed me since day one!

    42. I never felt like I was alone or mislead with any information that Next or Josey Cruse provided. I always felt like she was in my �back pocket� just a text or call away. I am very thankful and proud to be a team player for Next!!!

    43. I’ve been with this agency for almost 2 years. They give lots of incentives to stay loyal to them. They treat you like family. No agency is perfect but when there is a problem they are swift to fix it without any drama. I’ve had a great experience with Next.

    44. This has been my first assignment and Next has made it a very easy and smooth process. My recruiter Jennifer is always just a text or call away for anything I need. They have a great referal program as well.

    45. I have loved working with Next Travel Nursing!! They are honest, very helpful and have gotten me the best assignment around. I love that my recruiter is not pushy but I know he is always there, day or night, if I have a question! I highly recommend them and will be working with them for a long time!!

    46. If I were rating just my recruiter, NAOMI KNOBLACH, I would have rated her all fives! I have travelled for the better part of the last 11 years and can say she is the absolute best I have ever worked with…honest, reliable, upfront, detail oriented, and patient. I have stayed with Next because of her!

    47. I absolutely LOVE Next Medical! I’ve used a few different agencies and have left them because I’ve not been supported, couldn’t reach my recruiter or had problems with paperwork. My current recruiter is Michael Sweet, which is really ironic, since he’s about the sweetest guy in the world! Always checks in, always makes sure I know when things are coming up that I need to get renewed, etc. and even sends replies on his off hours and weekends if I’m really in need of help. I have absolutely NO COMPLAINTS with Next Medical or my recruiter. I actually tell other travelers that if they aren’t happy to switch and give them my recruiters number because of how happy I am with them.

    48. Took one assignment with them, no complaints they just don’t have a ton of jobs available if you are looking for a very specific area. Have to be flexible with where you want to go.

    49. They could help with scheduling more. Also be more knowledgeable about a facilities holiday pay. No one wants to be away from there family and not get paid for their time working a holiday. They could also have more places to choose from in TN.

    50. Overall very easy to work with and very professional I would recommend them to new travelers as the process was fairly straightforward. I had several fairly specialized requests and they always found me the right contract at the right hospital. Couldn’t be more pleased with the placement I received. If I was to find one fault it would be in the pre-employment process sometimes before a contract started it felt unnecessarily bulky and intrusive and somewhat unorganized. Outside of this though the experience I had here was great and my agent was wonderful to deal with. Will definitely continue using them.

    51. Always available when you need them. Even when something may not fall under their responsibility they still make sure things get completed.

    52. Naomi, my recruiter is Amazing! She is energetic, positive, and so eager to help in any way possible! I Really appreciate that and will definitely refer family and coworkers to her at Next Travel. Thank you!

    53. Ronald have a friendly and outgoing personality. I felt it when I spoke with him. The outline of the registration for your agency is easy to follow. Hope I can work for him. Thanks and Remain Blessed!

    54. Spoke to different recruiter but one stand out and that is Ronald. He is super hepful, very friendly and have pleasant personality. A great resource and he is willing to help me and guiding me when it comes to travel nursing. I was referred by Serwah and I know the reason why his nurses loves him. He is the bomb! Love to work for him.

    55. Next Medical Staffing has done above and beyond to assist the facilities I work for and with me to have the best experience possible.

    56. Cindi Greene. Where do I start???? Shes the BEST!! She is always on her game……even when her kid is sick. She is always in touch with me. Keeps me up to date and for my very first travel assignment, she has done a great job. Cindi is a great example of how a recruiter should be. Even calls and keeps me updated when she was at a conference. She is very caring and understands what I want, what I like and what I don’t want.Thank you Cindi for everything. You are the best.

    57. Cindi is the reason I even travel…I know that as long as I have her in my corner, that I am not just considered a warm body filling a slot, but she wants to help me maximize my fullest potential placing me in areas I will be successful.

    58. Cindi Greene is such a great representative to work with. Very responsive and able to get you in touch with the resources you need. Great team and willing to work with you to great you the best contracts available.

    59. All of the staff at Next Medical Staffing have been very accomadating. Cindi is awesome! I was impressed by her persistence in finding a job for me that met all of my needs. She stays in touch on a regular basis to see how things are going as well. She is very caring and dedicated to her role!

    60. This is my first travel nursing experience and it has been amazing. I had no idea what to expect and my recruiter, Cindi Greene, has been phenomenal. She walked me through the process, was always available for questions, very friendly, super professional, and has made this experience wonderful. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a great travel nursing position. I am still on assignment and look forward to continuing my journey with Next Medical Staffing!

    61. Recruiter Cindi Vera has made traveling easy! Can’t imagine not working with her. Totally takes care of me and keeps in touch – took the time to get to know me and what my wants/needs are. Entire staff provides amazing support. I tell all my friends about them!

    62. My recruiter, Terri Ball is amazing. Hannah Sowards rocks finding amazing housing options. This company is always upfront and honest. They go above and beyond to make sure their people are taken care of.

    63. Next Medical is highly recommended. Ronald my recruiter is very helpful and always available everytime i have question. Honest and straight to the point. Highly recommended.

    64. Very Good and very helpful agency and Ronald De Castro is so approachable and will help you in anyway he can to land a better oppurtunity

    65. Excellent and very nice staff. Recommended to all travel nurse out there.
      Always there for me everytime I have questions regarding with my assignment.
      Thanks to Ronald De Castro for always to check on me.

    66. Next is awesome. My recruiter Ronald made my travel experience very smooth. He is always available everytime i need him. Very friendly and pleasant personality. I will recommend him 100%.

    67. I have worked with Next Medical for 2 assignments. I love them. I work with Cindi Vera Greene as my recruiter. She is professional, and reliable. I have been on 2 assignments with this company, and trust them. They are excellent!

    68. Have been working for Next Medical for 10 months – great company! Good pay rate, great assignment, recruiter Rose is awesome! Highly recommend.

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