Travel Nursing Agency Rankings - a sample

Travelers rank companies from 1 to 100. An ongoing average of the scores is maintained so that if a company were to improve their practices thier score would increase over time. In time, some agencies will need to improve in order to get better rankings from travelers. These rankings can indirectly enhance the standards of the entire industry as they compete against one another for good scores.


Agency                 # of Rankings            Score                           Ranking Detail
Company A                  1                        36                               View Details
Company B                  6                       64.8                             View Details
Company C                  1                        96                               View Details
Company D                  10                      64.5                             View Details

If you click on View Details, you may see something like the following..........
Just reading some of the issues other travelers have had with thier companies can give you an idea what to look for or what to include in your travel contracts.

Company A
1. Knowledgeable                                          3.8
2. Friendly                                                    3.8
3. Efficient                                                   3.1
4. Honest                                                     2.6
5. Pay rate                                                   2.2
A total of 20 criteria are ranked for a total       59
  • 3 assignments with them have all been great! Pay on time and correct. Recruiter the best Ive worked with is wonderful Error in paycheck twice.
  • Paycheck late once. They worked through another subcontractor and did not tell us until the day before we had to start.
  • Attended a mandatory 8 hour class (after working a 12 hour night shift) for which everyone except for travel nurses were paid for. Have traveled before with other companies and was paid for this class. Initially told us that housing was free and then had to pay towards housing
  • Have had 2 great recruiters, any problems always taken care of rapidly to my satisifaction
    I have never had any problems, you do need to negotiate with them for extras such as private housing, once you have traveled with them negotiating is easy for subsequent assignments
    It all depends on your recruiter and I have an excellent one.
  • This is my last assignment with this company. I have told them my salary requirements and that I prefer working days, but they have been unable to meet those needs. I have been with them over a year now, and I am not happy. I have spoken with fellow travelers with the same company and we feel the same.
  • Just started my first assignment with them, everything has been great.. wonderful recruiter.. any problem has been taken care of VERY quickly.. and I can't believe how nice the housing is.. so happy to be traveling with Company A!
  • I have had an excellent recruiter! This is my first time traveling and the agency has lived to my expectations as a first time traveler.

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