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Travel Nursing Central was designed with travel nurses and those curious about a career in travel nursing in mind. There’s a lot to consider — both personally and professionally — before, during, and after each assignment, and Travel Nursing Central aims to provide all of the resources needed to effectively and efficiently navigate the travel nursing industry. Established by a travel nurse in the early 2000s, the site is currently maintained by Medical Solutions, which continues to cultivate this valuable, balanced resource for travelers nationwide. Whether you travel with us or not, we want all travelers to find the right recruiter, agency, housing, hospital, and other such elements that contribute so significantly to a successful career in travel nursing.

Here are some of the helpful resources provided here at Travel Nursing Central:

Agency and Hospitals Rankings — Find out how other travelers rank your hospital and agency. Traveler reviews and ratings are posted instantly, and are never edited or impeded in any way. Reviewer contact information is always kept confidential and never used or sold for any other purposes.

Travel Nursing Checklists — These checklists will help you ace interviews, ask companies the right questions, bring everything you need to an assignment, make sure you have all the necessary documents to start an assignment, and much more.

Travel Nursing Links — Helpful websites for many aspects of travel nursing.

Advice for Travel Nurses — Read entries to our travel nursing advice column, regarding issues like contracts, companies, pay, benefits, housing, pets, schedules, experience and education, hospitals, and more. Need a more personalized answer? Feel free to submit your own question!

Information on Housing — Find or post housing for free.

Recruiter Section — Shop for a recruiter from some of the top travel nurse companies.

Travel Nursing Central Blog — Fun and informative posts tailored specifically for travelers.

Travel Nursing News — Articles covering a variety of subjects pertaining to travel nursing, plus links to top travel nursing news from around the web.

Information on Taxes — Travel taxes can be complex; let us help connect you with a travel tax expert.

We hope these resources will help you build a strong, exciting, rewarding career in travel nursing!

— TNC Team

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