Questions to Ask Travel Nursing Agencies

Most healthcare travelers have to learn the hard way about what to look for when looking for an agency. Below is a list of informative questions to ask your recruiter. If your recruiter is hesitant or doesn't know the answers, this can tell you a great deal about your recruiter (your lifeline) and perhaps the company.

General Information

History of the company (how long in business, how many office locations)
Length recruiter has been with the company
Where is your recruiter's office located and what time zone
What are the company's strengths and weaknesses?
Have a website presence
Name some cities you have assignments in right now

What assignments do you have that travelers seem to like the most and why?


Housing (private or shared)
Travel expenses
Rental car
Range of pay to expect with this company for my specialty
Type (PPO, HMO, deductible, copay)
Any cost to me for the insurance
When does insurance take effect?
Any fee to add family members

More Details

(If you like what you heard so far, you may want to ask the following more detailed questions)


Offer completion bonuses
Pay weekly
Direct deposit
Guaranteed hours (how many)
Have tax advantage plan
Offer referral bonuses
Pay time and half after 8 hrs in California
Ever pay double time (when)


For CEU's
For obtaining nursing lisc in assignment state
For required Physicals or tests
If so, when are these reimbursements provided

Assignment Details

Any assignments I might be interested in
Start date
Length of assignment
Possibility of extension


Ever offer corporate housing (includes linens and dishes etc.)
Which of the following are provided by the company:
Furniture (includes what …TV…..)
What appliances are provided?
How early can I move into apartment before the assignment?
Housing manager's name

Specific Scenarios

1. What if I get to my assignment and dislike my housing
2. What if I get sick on assignment? What is the penalty?
3. What if my paycheck is incorrect?

4. What if I have a nursing issue regarding my workplace, practices, or my treatment? What support is available?

5. What if I find my workplace unacceptable or I have a family emergency and have to leave the assignment early? What will be the consequences? Will I owe you for housing?

6. Can I specify what departments I am willing to float to?

7. Do you cover me with liability insurance if something happened?

Special Needs

1. I have a pet deposit?_____ refundable?______
2. I need childcare
3. I want to work on increasing my skill level in a certain area.

Long Term Incentives

401K plan?
Vacation packages or award programs?

Note: Don't be afraid to ask that anything you have discussed that is important to you be added to the contract in writing.

Final Questions for the Recruiter

How accessible are you (my recruiter)?
How do I get a hold of you?
Do you have a pager?
What is your email address?
What about a direct phone line?

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