Hospital Interview Questions for Travel Nurses

Remember that you are interviewing the hospitals as much as they are interviewing you. Ask lots of questions. This is your opportunity to get an idea of whether you would like the assignment. The following questions are provided for you to help you ask informed questions on the spot. This way, you will have a solid idea of what you are getting into. You usually only get one chance to talk with the hospital before accepting the job.

Hospital Details

Name of interviewer
Location of hospital (including the address for mapping it later)
What is traffic like in the area and safety of the area
#of beds
#of floors
Size of the unit
If it's the OR get #of suites
Type of patient population
Parking situation (ease of parking, any cost to park)
Type of orientation required (length, hospital and unit orientation or just unit)
Why hospital is looking to fill the position right now
Do they have a website
Do you provide lockers and or uniforms?


What is the nurse to patient ratio
Will I be asked to float
What shift are you looking to fill
Is overtime often available
Who will be scheduling me
Is it possible I will ever be cancelled on a shift?
What would be the likelihood of extending the assignment
What would be the maximum length I could extend
How soon are you wanting to fill the position

Work Environment

What nursing management model do you use on the unit
# of travelers currently working on the unit
How receptive do you feel the permanent staff are toward travelers
What support staff is available (nurse aides, lab, techs, RT, PT)
Is your charting computerized
What are the pharmacy hours
Have you heard from other travelers what housing they like nearby

Helpful Links

Look at Hospital on the Web

Has hospital has been ranked by other travelers?

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