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Travel Nursing Hospital Review of: Centennial Medical Center
(all time)
(within 1 year)
1. Friendliness and acceptance of travelers by staff4.74.0
2. How open are they to allowing you to expand your skills while traveling?3.33.0
3. Hospital Technology3.73.0
4. Location (A nice area to live)55.0
5. Cafeteria food3.33.0
6. Parking3.73.0
7. Physical layout of hospital effecient32.0
8. Hospital appeal (looks)44.0
9. Hospital orientation geared toward travelers?43.0
10. Simplicity being initiated into the system (Do you have to do lots of unneccessary paperwork, drug testing, criminal background checks, etc. in addition to what the agency requires before you can start working?)34.0
11. Reputation of the hospital3.72.0
12. How nice are the doctors to staff4.75.0
13. Friendliness of staffing office4.34.0
14. Happy with the work scheduling procedure?4.33.0
15. How efficient is their system so you can get your job done?31.0
16. Adequacy of their nurse to patient ratio3.71.0
17. How well staffed are they31.0
18. How happy were you with your workload?42.0
19. Staff morale (overall)3.31.0
20. To what extent would you recommend this hospital to other travelers?3.71.0
Total Score (number or rankings)75.4(3)55.0(1)
  • I worked in the Emergency department(s) in the hospital. Yet another HCA facility with poor management causing their staff to run for the hills. They cant keep staff and they are chronically understaffed. No techs or any ancillary staff. Management is out of touch and is focused on insignificant things like pt call backs and rounding. They also will put any nurse in a bad situation to benefit themselves. For instance the manager flat out lied to the rest of management stating I had charge nurse skills (I have never charged). They gave me 6 hours orientation and threw me to the wolves. Overall, a poorly run dept and I would not be surprised if they turnover all their staff in the next few months. 06/13/2016
  • Housing was approximately 1.5 mile(s) from the hospital. The name of the housing complex was Village at Vanderbilt. Housing was located in city of Nashville. On a scale from 1 to 5, I would rate it a 5. Loved this location, I found it on my own
  • I worked in the MICU department(s) in the hospital. Worked MICU. Loved Working with this group of folks, But the agency had to go through Paralon since it is an HCA facility. The patients were well satisfied with their care. The Regular staff was a bit fed up with administration and I can't blame them. I live 1.5 hours away so housing was not an issue, stayed in a motel for 2 days then home. I worked the night shift. I do know that it is a very entertaining town. Enjoy Printers alley, Great BBQ here too. Best of luck to you all. Paralon had band me 6 years ago and didn't allow me to work there even now, but they are good about doing that because you failed to obtain a pillow!!!! 05/31/2015
  • Housing was approximately 60 mile(s) from the hospital. The name of the housing complex was Home. Housing was located in city of Home. On a scale from 1 to 5, I would rate it a 5. This area is not applicable to my experience.
  • I worked in the 2central gyno post op department(s) in the hospital. This hospital is very traveler friendly. They are happy for the extra help. I am floated to many areas and some may not like that. But it keeps things interesting for me. The staffing is excellent and I never feel overworked. The area has lots to do and the country surrounding this city is beautiful. People are friendly here. Traffic is horrible though. Expensive housing but average for city prices. Excellent hospital. Highly recommend! 11/05/2014
  • Housing was approximately 3 mile(s) from the hospital. The name of the housing complex was Stayed in a condo . Housing was located in city of Brentwood. On a scale from 1 to 5, I would rate it a 5. I took the stipend and found a lady renting a room in her condo for $400 a month! Got so lucky. She only rents to travelers. We get along great and the price is unbeatable.
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